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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Its Sunday night and my paper's not done-

hell, its not even started good yet! I did do quite a bit of research this morning but I was slow getting started with the writing part of the effort before breakfast today. You might need to know that Sunday b-fast around here is usually about noonish... After food, it was time to go buy more food which took a couple hours, then it all had to be put away.

I cleaned guns for a couple hours after grocery stowage duies were completed and then the BSU wanted to eat out, even though we just brought home 200 bucks worth of edibles. So dinner was Red Lobster tonight and tasty, if more expensive than I normally care to pay.

So, somehow, the day got away from me and very little writing got done today. I guess I'llhave to catch up this week, somehow!

Saturday was a great day of stomping around in the desert, terrorizing jackrabbits in the sage brush. Son Noah and I went with Kenny and Kenny's neighbor Mike and we went out for a day of shooting. Many rounds of ammo was expended during our efforts and numerous rogue tuna cans were dispatched with extreme prejudice. My new Taurus model 63 is a treat and works perfectly, even claiming one rabbit on its initial outing. Noah's Remington 597 turned out to be problematic and did not feed bullets out of its magazine with much enthusiasm. We were using a brand of ammo that usually feeds well in all the other guns so maybe its a magazine problem more than anything.

While we did tromp around and shoot at many bunnies, I think only 3 were turned into coyote food. Mostly we just enjoyed shooting our guns and the day outside. It was a great day in the desert with tolerable weather and just a tiny bit of snow on the ground and falling on us too. The snowstorm was closer to home, with a big storm slowing traffic and causing multiple slide-offs that delayed our safe return.

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